Jazz in May #2

by Ralkkai

The piano starts
simple with a tune like a sonnet.
The Rythm goes ratta-tat-tat
like a mild thunder rolling across
the western sky
in late June or was it early July?
And the bass bends and twists low-
heavy low- clean and clitched.
It’s the pianos song now anyway.

It rittles the air with tremolo
and they let it flow, slow and blow-
then aw- awah- wah-wah.
The main game plan for the main man
converge and for the first time
we hear the song as it was meant to be heard
like seeing the earth from space
and thinking yeah,
it’s a wonderful place
and then it eases up.
All the way to the top.

As the brush beats the skins and the toms
vibrate warmly
we hear the keys swell again
and I can’t help but know
I am part of this
dirty beat
trippy and smooth
dark room,
some downtown club jam skat to that man
and it ends
as softly as it began.