Reflections and reflections and reflections and reflections

by Ralkkai

I see it in the streets
and I taste it in every cup of coffee,
I fee lit whenever I type my words
and hear it on the lips of every lost soul in the world.

Pain is the most precious emotion
because it really lets you know
that you are truly alive
and that you have lost,
one way or another.

Mother’s milk,
needles and dirty razor blades,
tooth-filled smiles,
a child in a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store,
abortion clinics with protesters and their fire bombs,
suicide notes with tears wrinkling the pages,
eye sores when you wake up because you know you have lost,
reflections and reflections and reflections and reflections.

We see it in our mirrors and we see it
in the faces of those we loved and those we thought we loved.
We taste it on the flesh of whores
and we smell it in hotels and churches.
We eat it every day
everything has pain.
Some of us just can’t see it for what it is,
but then again,
some of us learned how to play pretend.