Exploring new avenues

by Ralkkai

Exploring new avenues
driving down streets with no street signs,
no street lamps and no houses
with big red front doors.

Exploring new avenues

where the locals
have never heard of curb appeal.

Exploring new avenues
while the windows of my
’02 Nissan Altima are rolled down
and the smells of asphault, smog and cloves
fill my entire being.

Exploring new avenues

and the night draws a purple and pink halo
over the horizon of Amarillo, South Bend
Chandler, Ely
and everywhere inbetween
where my soul has rested for at least a spell.

As I drive these foreign roads
and check the atlas for smoother routes
I realize that there aren’t any
and that it is due time
for me to let destiny take the wheel.

As I creep creep creep
down these streets with no street signs
I see an apartment
with cement steps that lead up to the front door
and there is a piece of paper taped to the front door
and on it in messy red
it reads