Human just like us

Don’t always follow the rules,
or at least
make your own rules up as you go,
make your own guidelines.
Make sure you are aware of your laws
but be sure they don’t infect other’s.

If you think it’s worth writing,
then write it.
Write it like fire does a forest.
And burn the world down from those words.
If they don’t turn to cinders
then you will know where to go
from there.

Douse out the old flames and move on.
Sing about them like battles or
battle wounds
don’t keep them burning in your furnace
for too long.
Eventually the soot will overpower the
sweetness of the sugar on the counter-top
in jars marked
with names on them.

If you need to take a break
do it.
Don’t forget how to laugh
and have fun.
Don’t forget to enjoy the trees
and the air and the songs of the sparrow.

It is ok to take showers with
your wife
in the morning
or fart next to her on the couch.
She loves you for who you are
and she knows that you aren’t
Even the perfect ones pass gas.

If you have never done it before
do it now.
Before you die
jump out of a plane
or eat sushi.
Learn how to take photos
or hold a gun
or dance the two-step.
Learn that you can hate
something and that is fine too.

If you find yourself
surrounded by too many walls
break a few down
and take those pieces of brick
or wood
or granite
and create art out of it.
Create stories and tell those stories.

If you have made it to
your middle years and haven’t figured
it all out yet,
don’t worry,
no one else has yet either.

And if you are on a diet
eat sweets once and a while.
Remember what it is to enjoy
the taste of chocolate or
mixed berry mousse.

If you made it to
any point outside of your comfort zone
and you realized that you enjoy
that too,
then congratulations
for remaining human
just like us.