Alone in a cell (circa 2003)

by Ralkkai

alone in a cell,
a man sat humbled and maniacal,
staring into the abyssal night
with broken eyes
and tattered skin.

under a beaten brow
his eyes
told of many years,
and his mouth was a silent laceration.

his eyes
a million

the moon was a halo.

reaping in the night’s fatigued sermon
of some forgotten,
remembered progression
he fell cold and uncompassionate.

he sat alone.

his breath became slower, colder.
he wore his eyes like
a canopy
for the procession of a failing clock.

he sat alone
with tattered skin
and his eyes were a million demons.

and the moon was a halo.

and he died,

his eyes mirrored by his mouth.
his eyes became
his mouth.