by Ralkkai

If I could
I would paint you
the sunsets of Madagascar
and the Auroras
of Alaska.
I’d write you a love
song with metaphors
of your beauty.
I’d build you a boat
out of oak and sail
away with you into the west
as the world dies.

I don’t tell you enough
that I love you,
and I don’t always smile
at your eyes,
your skin, your hair
or your heart.

Sometimes we have fights
and sometimes
we spend nights on the couch
watching tv shows
and I’ll nod off
and you will knit.

Sometimes we sleep in too late
on Sundays
and never make it to
church like we should.

Sometimes we agree
on philosophies
and religious informalities.

And sometimes things are alright.

I don’t tell you enough
that I love you
but I will this time.

I love you


and forever.

You are my wife
and for that
I am humble.