The trumpeter (circa 2006)

by Ralkkai

the trumpeter
seems to be playing
my song.
the one of a recluse.

I am not alone n this
but that’s what I enjoy,
being able to
find the moment
here and there
to be with my thoughts
and a keyboard
and of course
the stereo
for the man
behind the trumpet.

there’s the lonely
of my mind
and the serenade
the air.

the solitude.

there is no room
here for the
of the city
or the hustle and bustle
of crowded streets
or the lines and lines
for food or a movie ticket.

no room here for televangelists.
no room for family
or friends.
no room for the government
or war.
just me and my thoughts
and that trumpeter
knows what I am talking about.