Within all the darkness (circa 2001)

by Ralkkai

the most beautiful thing
about the night
is that smooth, justified lack of beauty
within all the darkness.

the ambiance above
all the noises —
the crickets and their
drunken what-nots,
the barking dogs
always chasing the moon,
the cars creeping by my window,
making their dusty rambling
down my ancient country road,
the wind yelling at
the blanket of shear emptiness and silence
that shushes the night —
the ambiance
sounds the best,
when you’ve been typing
aimlessly for hours
and the tiredness is
finally starting
to eat at your head
like a pack
of rabid coyotes.

the tundra of noise
smashing and ripping
the void of the long hours —
the silent symphonies
of sweet, sweet ambiance
has always
sounded the best
to me.