Clinic blues

by Ralkkai

There is this guy
sitting across from me
at the 24 hour clinic
in Canyon, TX.

He is on an oxygen tank
and I am reading Bukowski
while my wife
fills out paperwork
and she’s on the phone
with her mom
asking for family information.

While I read
and she asks questions
the guy on oxygen
occassionally let’s out
this strained painful
yawn like
a dying dog
in the August desert.

He is on his last leg
and his oxygen
creates a rhythm in the room.
There is a news segment
on tv about radicals
British soldiers
in the streets of London.

We are killing each other
and hooked up to
artificial means of living.

The yawning is more annoying
than Fox News
and their flapping heads
as they solve this
and the rest of the
world’s problems.

At least the rhythm
from his oxygen tank
is nice to listen to.