No one ever watches the clock hands move anymore

by Ralkkai

No one ever watches
the clock hands move anymore.
It’s all digital now
with big blocky letters
or fancy fonts
on smart phones.

No endless cycles now,
no plans built
around twelve hour

just reminders
and pop ups
and alarms
and checking calendars
and Facebook tells you
when everyone’s birthday is
and all you got to do
is click a send button
and they get a generic
Styrofoam message
that acts like a sincere

“Happy Birthday,”

when in all actuality
you barely even know
they breath air.
We all know it was forced
and yet,
we still do it.

Everything has become
We sit hunched over
our keyboards
staring endlessly
and scrolling
and scrolling.

Waiting for people
we hardly care about
to tell us
what they are eating
for dinner.

And we complain about
them posting
pictures of their
kids in bathtubs.

We complain about a
digital revolution
as we perpetuate it
with each

There is dignity
in logging off

as there is
in owning an
analog clock
with a face
and an hour hand
a minute hand
a second hand.