Of the youth of my time

by Ralkkai

The philosophies of the youth of my time
are corrupted by pop culture and misnomers
of life, of love, of lust, of losing it all.
A wastrel isn’t that different from the tycoon.
I know these things when I hear of celebrities
in conjunction with words generally found in cultural minorities.
I envy those without televisions.

It isn’t for me to say what is, what should be or even what was
but in my lifetime, I have seen each generation after me destroy
what mine has broken, which that before mine has mangled
and it isn’t too much to say that it is just a perpetual concept
that we will always have our static, cultural ideas
in our minds when the next big thing happens on the screen
that runs our lives
no matter how old we are
in life or in mind.

The philosophies of the youth of my time
aren’t too far off from those of yesterday.