Forgive Me Not – Heroic Couplet Assignment

by Ralkkai

Forgive me not, my love, and please be still
for my words written, intended only for ill.

And yet, forgive me for holding this thought
of which I can’t allow my mind be wrought.

I washed my hands so long ago and yet
These scars I bear, I wear, still they are set.

For you, my love, I owe forever more
the stars of night, the sands upon the shore.

For if, to be allowed, I would destroy
each one like my innocence as that boy.

Forgive me, please, my love. I was alone
for far too long with no will to atone.

We met when I was still recovering;
heart broken, drink killing, life smoldering.

Disturbed was I, and yet, you let me in –
became anew, reminded me again –

both what humanity was meant to seem
and what us dreamers were supposed to dream.

So sent away those memories shall stay.
With you, I’ll be, until our final day.

Forgive me now, my love, and please be sure
the words I wrote were more a curse for her.

My Guenevere – please now rest beside me
as I send these last memories away.