Finale (Alternate)

by Ralkkai

Let’s burn it all down –
Just you and I.
Let’s watch the embers ride into the sky
Like tiny dancers in the night.

Let’s take all these material things that mark us
like slaves to capitalism
and throw them away like empty
cinnamon-flavored whiskey bottles.

Let’s head out west, past the desert of Arizona
and onward to where the land meets the ocean
and find a piece of land
for ourselves
and look out over it and proclaim:
“This is where we’ll build our house!”
like we jokingly do
when we are geocaching in a busy area
around Amarillo.

Let’s remove the burden of society
and leave behind
all that we have ever known:

The painted faces with weird handshakes.
The 8% tax and the 3 day benders.
The stigma of meeting on an online electric space.

Let’s watch the sun set on our own terms for once
instead of chasing it down county roads
while I frantically search for the 55mm camera lens
so I can get a wide shot.

Let’s be hipsters and knit hats and scarves
and watch reruns of How I met Your Mother
or The Office
and I’ll sip my 3rd wave coffee in the morning
as I make us scrambled eggs and turkey bacon
and you’ll sing Sunday songs about Jesus and Heaven

And everything is right.

Let’s watch the ink dry
on the last chapter of our storybook lives
and do it all our own way.

Let’s watch the western sky
paint strokes of violet from an August sunset
As the day gives way to darkness.

Let’s burn this whole damn thing to the ground
and watch the embers float into the sky
like tiny dancers in the night.