I used to write a lot of poetry and for some reason, at the time that it seemed like it should have helped me the most, I just stopped. I might have hit that proverbial wall that people speak of so much, or it might have been something else, but whatever the case may be, this is me trying this thing again. I’ll post some new stuff mixed with some old ones that I still have and see where this takes me. At thirty years of age and it being the beginning of summer, I figured I’d go with a reflective title. Without further adieu, I present to you, my readers, thirty summer. -05.01.13


I also have a blog hosted on my github that is there to serve as a journal: http://androidhell.github.io/ It’s a fun little non SQL-based blog I put together a while back that uses a Rails framework called Jekyll to serve things up statically so it’s super light and quick. I update it every now and then when I want to get stuff out that I fell isn’t suited for other media platforms. Feel free to read and please excuse the typos. Blogging in pure markdown is hard enough as it is.

Also, plug for a friend’s blog. Jere Ellison is an alum from my school. He writes and people read so if you like reading and he likes writing then this blog almost sells itself. Check out his thoughts on society as he works on establishing his writing career: https://jotandtittlesite.wordpress.com/

Update 05.23.2016: Hey, I got a book published. I didn’t want to update this until it was available in all formats that I planned on. If you buy a physical copy on Amazon, you get the kindle version for free. If you order it from CreateSpace, I make more in royalties.

Amazon: $5.00

Kindle: $2.99

CreateSpace: $5.00